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Wooper pile! figured this would be a good first post

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ok so ive started following a few blogs but i need more content!

pls reblog if you post:

  • stuff abt marvel

  • pokemon

  • cats

  • lucifer

  • satan and me

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  • undertale/deltarune

  • sally face

  • boku no hero academia

  • ao no exorcist

  • more cats

  • videogames in general

  • ???

  • art youd like me to see

  • idk

  • just pls give me some ppl to follow im bored

hey y'all! thought i'd kick off this blog with some art.

my name is lemon, and i like pokemon mystery dungeon A Lot. this blog will be an amalgam of all my teams and a place for me to post my art.